with love

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with love

In this game, you can follow Jesper and Kasper's adventures and participate in different types of quizzes.

You'll learn some interesting facts about these two ginger cats, what they are up to and where you can find them.

Jesper and Kasper are kind-hearted cats and do some work for animal welfare - especially for cats!

By participating in this game you can help them to get their furry friends out of trouble and into loving homes!

Murrrr Meow from Jesperpus!

Spring is around the corner, we can see it in Tigerforest, our playground, even now in the early morning.

Sun is already here, shining and giving light to the small grass that is going to be a green carpet soon.

We haven't seen our friends now for a half year, but they will be back soon; squirrels, birds, and all who live here.

So, Kasper and I sit here listening to all new sounds and smells, dreaming about a new summer season in Tigerskogen. Also dream of new adventures with mom; taking trips in the mountains, fishing for trout, staying in the nice green tent, and enjoying life.

Upps.... got a wakeup call from mom: "Jesper and Kasper, breakfast is ready, and I don't want to call twice!”

“Murrrr Meow, relax mom, we are already here!”

Such care and love should be felt by all cats, both large and small, red, white or black, with bright eyes, pink paws, a fluffy tail, whatever...

But, this is not always reality, too many cats have a bad life because too many people don't give us the care we deserve. Maybe they don't understand or maybe they are not able.

So now, together with you, we want to contribute a little to change someone's life. But, we promise, still with a smile. Because we cats also like to have fun,so, like we have always done, talking about things seriously with a smile!

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